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Cross‑country skiing

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Get your skis ready for your first outing

Are your cross-country skis still well waxed because of the klister* you applied for your last spring outings? With our professional tips, you can learn how to remove this sticky substance from your skis in a snap (video in French only).

This is an essential step to prepare your skis and enjoy the new snow conditions at the beginning of the season.

* The klister is an ideal wax for icy conditions or wet snow. During spring, it's essential to apply klister instead of push wax.

© Sépaq
© Sépaq

Waxing for newbies

Apprentice cross-country skiers are only too aware that it’s rather easy to get lost with all these notions of kick wax, glide wax, klister, and other products designed to help you slide faster and double your pleasure as you go.

To help you sort through it all, check out this set of basic concepts (in French only) prepared by Boutique Courir.

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