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Moose hunting

Updating your gear

Is your moose hunting gear up to date? Professional hunting guide Michel Therrien discusses the tools he uses to put everything on his side, regardless of what and where he’s hunting. (Video in French only)

Hunting as a team

The important thing, when hunting as a team, is to work together to track that elusive moose. Did you uncover a clue, such as signs of rubbing, or detect a call? If so, it’s time to pull back and prepare a plan to track and harvest your prey. (Video in French only)

Looking for moose wallows

The discovery of a moose wallow can be a game changer when hunting moose. Michel explains why this discovery is so important and how to take full advantage of what you’ve uncovered. (Video in French only)

Seizing upon signs of moose rubbing

In this capsule, Michel tells us about tracking moose after discovering signs of moose rubbing. (Video in French only)

Using female moose calls to your best advantage

At the end of each guiding season, moose hunting guides from Chasse Québec harvest a number of male moose by taking advantage of the presence of females around the harvesting site. Here they’ll explain why. (Video in French only)

Improving your shots during the hunt

By putting Michel’s tips to good use, you can make the most of your shots once you’ve tracked down that much-coveted big game. (Video in French only)

Attracting a moose buck

It’s common during a moose hunt, especially during the rutting season, to receive auditory messages from a buck, without managing to get it to budge. Michel offers us his best tips on how to attract a buck. (Video in French only)

Deer hunting

Habitats: the buck stops here

During the rutting season, bucks often feed less, and therefore have less interest in baited sites. Michel explains what characteristics of the forest environment are preferred by bucks during this period and why. (Video in French only)

Finding and exploiting deer scrapes

Sometimes bucks will scrape the ground to eat mushrooms or whatever is growing there. In these situations, such scrapings are not to be exploited by the hunter. Michel explains the clues that allow us to identify the strategic scrapings that are of interest to us. (Video in French only)

Baiting deer the smart way

The first thing to consider when baiting deer is that one baited site is not enough. You need at least two, ideally three. Michel explains why it is important to have several options up your sleeve. (Video in French only)

Use of surveillance cameras in deer hunting

Here we learn how to make good use of surveillance cameras when preparing for a deer hunt. Michel explains, among other things, how to take advantage of the valuable information that these technological tools can teach us about the habits of game animals. (Video in French only)

Strategic baiting

Michel Therrien explains how to find the best possible place to hide when hunting deer. Here are the details to keep in mind when choosing a site, and how to set it up. (Video in French only)

Choosing the best deer bait

Corn, apples, carrots? Michel describes the best deer bait and how to choose between the different options available to you. (Video in French only)

Small game hunting

Michel's favourite small game hunting techniques

Michel talks about his favourite small game hunting techniques, depending on the time of day and the behaviour of the game. (Video in French only)

How to gear up for small game hunting

Michel advises us on the basic equipment that makes up his small game hunting gear. He tells us about the firearms and ammunition he prefers for this type of hunting. (Video in French only)

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