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Alex Harvey, proud Sépaq ambassador

You’ve probably heard of cross-country skier Alex Harvey given his brilliant performances on the international scene. Alex is an Olympic athlete and an outdoor enthusiast; he’s also a model for young people, advocating a healthy lifestyle and embodying an interest in physical activity and nature outings. These are all reasons why we chose to make him a Sépaq ambassador. This home-grown sportsman embodies a number of values that Sépaq wishes to promote, including pleasure, excellence, passion, determination, and perseverance.

Over the next few months, you’ll discover Alex's passion for nature and the outdoors through exclusive content and special events at Sépaq destinations.

Dustin Satloff | © Sépaq

Compete against Alex Harvey

Stéphane Audet | © Sépaq

Alex is challenging our cross-country skiers! Travel the same circuit as him at any one of these Sépaq cross-country ski centres and check your stopwatch. Here are Alex Harvey’s recorded times:

A surprise visit to Duchesnay with La Petite Expé

Stéphane Audet | © Sépaq

In March 2018, Alex paid a special visit to Duchesnay. What a huge surprise for these young cross-country skiers who were visiting Station touristique Duchesnay as part of the La Petite Expé program, in collaboration with Le Grand défi Pierre Lavoie challenge! Smiles from ear to ear and indelible memories for these young elementary school students. Thanks Alex!

Alex Harvey's favorites

Sinex3 | © Sépaq

Our Sépaq ambassador, Alex Harvey, stays good and busy during the summer season. Despite training in preparation for his next cross-country skiing season, he has still taken the time to stop off at a few Sépaq destinations to get a full dose of fresh air.

Check out the nature activities that have caught his eye this summer!

National park memories

© Sépaq

A true outdoor enthusiast, Alex shares some of his fondest national park memories with all of us. (Video in French only)

Happiness is training in nature’s midst

© Sépaq

As an Olympic athlete, Alex trains every day, in every season. Find out why trail running is one of his favorite workouts. (Video in French only)

His partnership with Sépaq

Dustin Satloff | © Sépaq

The partnership between Sépaq and Alex Harvey is already creating quite the buzz! You’ll see in the passages of the articles below that our new ambassador is very proud of this new association, as are we.

Read the article (in French only)

About Alex Harvey

An outstanding member of the Cross Country Canada- National Ski Team for the past 10 years, Alex Harvey is now the team leader, providing astute advice to both new and returning members. His athletic performances have earned him a number of awards and medals at the local, provincial, national, and international levels.

Besides being an exceptional cross-country skier, Alex is involved in many social, charitable, academic, and sporting causes. As a spokesperson for organizations encouraging young people to stay in school, Alex leads by example as a law student at Université Laval. His numerous appearances in schools are also proof of his desire to help young people keep studying.

Over the next few years, Alex will continue to be socially involved while pursuing his sports goals, which include winning a medal at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang (South Korea) in 2018 and defending his world champion title in Seefeld (Austria) in 2019.

Learn more about Alex Harvey (in French only)

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