Anticosti Island: let's the dream begin!

Five reasons to spend your summer vacation there

Explore a corner of Québec that few people can boast of having visited! For true nature enthusiasts, Sépaq Anticosti is a must: endless shorelines, the remains of shipwrecks, seals, deer, birds, a spectacular waterfall, cascades, a huge cave, rivers with inviting water, and much more besides.

This is why Anticosti Island is a dream destination for your holidays this summer. Have a look at these stunning images. You can’t help but be convinced!

An abundance of deer

Welcome to an island where the deer is king! In the village of Port-Menier, you'll have a chance to get up close and personal with these impressive beasts. In 1896, some 220 white-tailed deer were brought to the island, and Anticosti now has the highest concentration of deer in eastern North America. The island’s isolation from the continent protects Anticosti deer from disease, and its particular geographical position differentiates them in a number of ways from their counterparts on the continent. Go ahead and treat yourself to this privileged contact with nature!

A spectacular waterfall

Renowned Chute Vauréal is the island's signature landmark! This heavenly site is within the reach of casual ramblers and big-time hikers alike. Whether you take a trail stretching about 100 metres to the observation deck or a circuit from the canyon to the foot of the waterfall, you’ll be dazzled by this natural spectacle. If you want even more of a thrill, opt for a hike to Chute Kalimazoo. Sheltered from the wind in a small valley, this superb little waterfall entices visitors with a magnificent sun-drenched natural pool.

Landscapes by the sea

Stop over on this dream island located at the heart of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and take in breathtaking landscapes, with a backdrop of the sea. Whether in Baie-de-la-Tour, Chicotte-la-Mer, or Baie-Sainte-Claire sectors, the many hiking trails enable you to roam this immense natural territory and explore fascinating places. On the way, you may also have the good fortune to explore a fascinating cave or a section of the boreal forest, discover the mysterious shipwreck of Calou, or be dazzled by the dizzying heights of magnificent Phare de la Pointe-Ouest lighthouse.

Crystalline rivers

Rivers so clear that you can watch the fish as they swim! Anticosti Island is renowned for its magnificent rivers with crystalline waters which flow into the Gulf of St. Lawrence, including the Chicotte-la-Mer sector river, featuring a number of hidden spots, perfect for those long relaxing moments away from it all. Famous for its sea trout runs, Rivière Brick canyon is also well worth seeing. And what about Rivière Jupiter? Although it's only accessible to salmon anglers, this mythical river is an attraction in itself. Make your way there quietly and silently alongside the anglers and admire its incredible beauty.

The historical heritage

Time for some history! Here’s the story of Henri Menier, a wealthy French chocolate maker who acquired Anticosti Island in 1895 and the following year introduced white-tailed deer captured by a trapper from the Cap-Saint-Ignace region. Due to the absence of predators and the adaptability of these cervids, their population hasn't stopped increasing since. Until 1890, Baie-Sainte-Claire was at the centre of activities on Anticosti Island. One day, Henri Menier made the decision to move the village’s infrastructure to Baie-Ellis, now known as Port-Menier. Today, there are only a few vestiges left, including at Baie-Sainte-Claire. During a visit to the island, a detour to this magnificent history-rich bay is a must!

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