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The current call volume is causing long waiting times. We suggest consulting the Frequently Asked Questions and booking online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gradual reopening of our destinations

Here's the list of the most frequently asked questions by our customers regarding the gradual reopening of our destinations and the preventive measures put in place against COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Annual Québec National Parks Card

Bonjour Québec Edition

  • What if i haven't yet received my confirmation email with my annual card?
    • We are aware that some people have indicated that they have not received their annual card confirmation email. It is likely that your internet provider may have considered the confirmation email sent to you as a junk or promotional email. We therefore ask you to check your junk or promotional email inbox to ensure that your confirmation and annual card are not in there. If the email is not in your inbox, please write to us at to let us know your situation.

      In the event that you visit a national park in the next few days, you will be asked for proof of purchase (screenshot) or identification for future validation.
  • Why not simply offer everyone free access to all national parks?
    • The Annual Québec National Parks Card - Bonjour Québec edition is made possible thanks to a five-million-dollar investment by the Ministère du Tourisme du Québec covering a portion of the costs of a certain number of access rights at regulated government rates. The objective of the Ministère du Tourisme is to encourage Quebecers to travel frequently and discover national parks outside of their region of origin. The payment of all daily access rights would also last for a much shorter period of time. With the annual card option, interest in tourism can be bolstered over a period of 12 months.
  • When will I receive a confirmation of purchase of my annual card after a transaction?
    • Confirmation of purchase of an Annual Québec National Parks Card - Bonjour Québec edition is sent by email a few hours after a transaction has been completed.
  • What does this annual card give me access to?
    • It gives you unlimited access, for 12 months, to Sépaq-managed Quebec national parks as well as daily access to Camping des Voltigeurs, Centre touristique du Lac-Kénogami, and Centre touristique du Lac-Simon. It also offers other advantages: one free night of camping (during the week, for the value of a semi-serviced campsite); one pass for a friend; a 25% discount on daily parking fees for supervised beaches at Oka, Mont-Orford, and Yamaska national parks; a 15% discount on daily access for an adult at Aquarium du Québec; a 15% discount on access to Astrolab; a 15% discount on cross-country skiing day passes; and a 15% discount at Sépaq shops.
  • Does the Annual National Parks Card also provide access to wildlife reserves and other Sépaq attractions, such as Aquarium du Québec and Parc de la Chute-Montmorency?
    • Wildlife reserves do not charge an entry fee. The Annual Québec National Parks Card is not valid at the following establishments: Parc de la Chute-Montmorency, Aquarium du Québec, Station touristique Duchesnay, and Auberge de montagne des Chic-Chocs. It does, however, give you single-day access to Camping des Voltigeurs, Centre touristique du Lac-Kénogami, and Centre touristique du Lac-Simon.
  • Do the benefits of the regular card also apply to the Bonjour Québec edition?
    • Yes, the Bonjour Québec edition of the annual card has these advantages: one pass for a friend; a 25% discount on daily parking fees for supervised beaches at Oka, Mont-Orford, and Yamaska national parks; a 15% discount on daily access for an adult at Aquarium du Québec; a 15% discount on access to Astrolab; a 15% discount on cross-country skiing day passes; and a 15% discount at Sépaq shops.
  • If I don't have access to a printer or a smart phone, how can I show my annual card?
  • What is the period of validity of the Annual Québec National Parks Card - Bonjour Québec edition?
    • The validity of the special edition of the card is 12 months after its activation date. When purchasing online, it is possible to choose the activation date of the card, within the next 12 months.
  • Is there a family rate or for children?
    • Access to the national parks is free for all children of 17 and under.
  • Why is there an entry fee for Québec national parks?
    • The entry fee is 100% re-invested in national parks. Every dollar raised by entry fees make it possible to preserve these exceptional protected territories, so you can discover their treasures and share our passions. This way, every time you visit, you're investing in the future of national parks and in the preservation of this collective heritage. Paying the fee provides access to a registration centre, hiking and biking trails during summer, groomed and marked snowshoeing and backcountry skiing trails during winter, and discovery activities all year long. And don’t forget that access to national parks is free of charge for all youngsters 17 and under. Purchasing an Annual National Parks Card or an Annual Park Card is an advantageous way to pay your access fees if you often go to national parks. It also includes a good many perks!

Upcoming stay and activities

  • I have booked a stay or an activity in the next few weeks at one of your establishments. What will happen to my booking?
    • Should your stay or activity be cancelled due to the closure of our establishments, you’ll be contacted by email or telephone to inform you of this fact at least one week before the beginning of your activity or stay. A full refund without charge will be provided within 48 hours.
  • Can I change or cancel my booking?
  • Can I make a booking for this summer or fall?
    • Yes, you can. Please use our online booking platform.
  • I have a booking for fishing with accommodations in 2020. If my booking is cancelled, will I be able to get the same stay in 2021?
    • It's now possible, depending on availability, to use the refund of a 2020 reservation to make a reservation in 2021. However, we cannot guarantee the same unit, the same dates and the same price.
  • Why is there a longer waiting time when trying to book by phone?
    • The special situation caused by COVID-19 is generating a lot of questions from customers. We also have to adapt our offer in accordance with public health directives, which results in changes to the bookings made, so we are receiving an extremely high volume of calls. The season usually starts gradually, which allows us to absorb the volume of calls over a longer period of time. Our territories and establishments have been closed for more than two months, which makes the reopening of the entire Sépaq network more hectic in a short period of time.


  • Who is allowed to stay together in an accommodation unit?
    1. Public health authorities authorized groups composed of a maximum of 10 people, preferably from 3 family units, to book an accommodation unit (cabin, ready-to-camp, yurt, campsite).
  • Who is part of my family unit?
    • These are the people who have been confined with you under the same roof.
  • If our children have been confined with us, but are over 18 years of age, can we be more than two adults in the cabin?
    • Yes, since you’ve been confined together.
  • If I've been confined with my roommate, but my roommate is not a member of my family, can we come together?
    • Yes, since you've been confined together.
  • Is it possible to have two tents on the same campsite, respecting social distancing and the maximum of six people, but with two different families?
    • It is now authorized (according to the normal maximum capacity of sites).
  • What happens if our booking doesn't comply with public health regulations?
    • The person in charge of the booking must contact Sépaq to inform them of the situation. He or she will be offered the opportunity to modify the stay or transfer it to someone he or she knows, or to be reimbursed for the full cost. Contact us at
  • If I have to travel from one region to another to get to my accommodation unit, am I allowed to do so?
    • Yes, as long as you arrange for all your purchases (food, gas, etc.) to be made in your home region and you travel directly to your accommodation unit, you may make this trip as directed by government authorities.
  • To what extent will Sépaq verify that I am complying with public health directives?
    • Sépaq expects everyone to take responsibility and follow the directives issued as part of the joint effort to fight the spread of the virus. Sépaq reserves the right to deny access to its establishments if it finds that public health directives have not been respected.
  • What kind of cleaning will be done in the washrooms and accommodations?
    • Strict sanitary measures and rigorous maintenance protocols approved by public health authorities and the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité au travail have been developed and will be applied to ensure the safety of visitors and employees alike.

      Washroom facilities

      - The frequency of cleaning and disinfection rounds has been increased.
      - The maintenance routine will include thorough cleaning and disinfection of toilets, showers, partitions, floors, counters, mirrors, sinks, faucets, hand dryers, door handles, switches, etc.

      Cabins and other types of accommodation

      - Between each stay, a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the accommodation unit will be carried out, including antibacterial mattresses and pillows, toilets, shower, furniture, curtains, door and window handles, cupboards, light fixtures, switches, etc.
      - No bedding will be available.
      - Individual flotation jackets will be provided upon request only and disinfected. It is recommended that you bring your own PFD.


      - For camping, it is recommended that people bring disinfecting supplies to clean the picnic table and the water and electricity outlets.
  • Why are bookings in larger cabins treated differently?
    • Public health directives were calling for a 24-hour quarantine period between stays in larger cabins ( five or more people) - until Juen 23 - to allow time for crews to do a thorough cleanup. Sépaq has therefore contact certain people to offer them various options that respect the framework set by the public health authorities. It is possible to modify the booking, transfer it, or obtain a refund for the stay.
  • Why are shelters and group campgrounds not open?
    • Shared shelters and group campgrounds are not open to meet public health directives related to family unit, distancing, and gathering restrictions.
  • Can the same level of services and activities be expected at Sépaq establishments?
    • Sépaq is continuing its gradual reopening and is making every effort to offer a comparable level of service to its clientele. Convenience store, wood, and ice services will be available. Equipment rentals (canoe, kayak, SUP, bicycles) will gradually resume. Rowboats and outboard motors for fishing are available in a number of territories. The establishments will do everything in their power to offer the maximum number of services as quickly as possible while respecting public health directives. However, some activities cannot be offered at this time due to the pandemic context.
  • What kinds of measures is Sépaq taking to ensure the safety of visitors and employees in the context of a pandemic?
    • - Increased cleaning and disinfection rounds
    • - Washroom facilities: limited building capacity, addition of Plexiglas between sinks as needed, addition of hand washing - devices, water fountain shut down (except bottle filling)
    • - Service buildings: Reduced reception capacity, management of waiting areas and traffic, installation of disinfectant dispensers
    • - Contactless payment and discontinuing of registration procedures in national parks
    • - Displays and signage to encourage visitor autonomy

Daily access

  • Why create sections of one-way trails?
    • This is a measure to ensure that the social distancing requested by the public authorities is respected. By avoiding intersections, opportunities for contact of less than two metres are reduced. This protects your health and that of other hikers. A change in behaviour or habits may be required in the interest of one and all. We must also respect this condition in order to maintain the privilege of having access to our magnificent territories.
  • What are the consequences for those who do not comply with guidelines or regulations?
    • Patrol officers can issue warnings and ask recalcitrant visitors to leave any Sépaq-managed territory. Police departments will also issue statements of offence (for associated fines, please refer to the local police departments).
  • Could you prohibit access to the territories again?
    • Yes, if Sépaq realizes that it is difficult to enforce compliance, it may restrict or even close access to certain areas. If public health authorities recommend it, access to certain territories could be denied again. Our priority remains the health of our customers, employees, and the general public.
  • Will beaches and pools become accessible at the same time as accommodations?
    • Swimming pools and water games in national parks as well as at Centre touristique du Lac-Kénogami and Gîte du Mont-Albert are open. The swimming pool at Camping des Voltigeurs will open on July 9. Beaches are open but the reception capacity is halved in order to comply with social distancing guidelines. Please note that the online purchase of a daily access right does not guarantee you access to the beach and the parking lot. You may be refused access if the maximum capacity is reached.
  • What about Parc de la Chute-Montmorency?
    • The services in the sector at the top of the waterfall (parking lots, food services, boutique, via ferrata, zipline, etc.) are open for all visitors. The panoramic staircase will remain closed until mid-July and that the sector at the foot of the waterfall (including the cable car) is closed for the 2020 season.

Day fishing

  • Can I change my day fishing booking?
    • If you wish to change your booking, please contact us.
  • How and when can I purchase my day fishing access right?
    • You must purchase your day pass online or by phone until the day before your day fishing activity. After 6:00 a.m. the same day, it is no longer possible to do so.
  • How must I present my access right?
    • You must have a valid day fishing access right with you. There are two options:

      • Print enough copies of the access right to have one with you and another visible on the dashboard of your vehicle during your day fishing activity.

      • Have your electronic access right on your smartphone or tablet. We suggest that you download or take a screenshot of it since the mobile network is not available everywhere.
  • With whom can I go day fishing?
    • For people who do not live at the same address, a maximum of two people per rowboat is allowed. Persons residing at the same address may be more numerous, depending on the capacity of the boat (up to three adults or 2 adults and 2 children for a Sépaq rowboat).
  • Will the registration centres be open?
    • Certain registration centres are open. The schedule of registration centres and the services offered on site are subject to change. A few days before your activity, please consult the services offered based on the fishing destination you’ll visit.
  • Are you going to sell fishing licences, lures, and bait at registration centres?
    • Certain wildlife reserves are selling fishing licences, lures, and bait at those registration centres which are open. The schedule of registration centres and the services offered on site are subject to change. A few days before your activity, please consult the services offered based on the fishing destination you’ll visit.
  • Where am I supposed to record my catches if registration centres are closed?
    • Recording catches is mandatory. A few days before your activity, please consult all instructions regarding recording your catches based on the fishing destination you’ll visit. Paper copies of the catch recording table will be available on site for electronic access right holders.
  • Will the spaces to gut fish be open?
  • Is it possible to rent a motor for my day fishing activity?
    • Motor rental services aren’t offered at our destinations at this time. A few days before your activity, please consult all instructions pertaining to motor rental based on the fishing destination you’ll visit.
  • Are rowboats cleaned between each client?
    • Watercraft, paddles, and all other related equipment won’t be cleaned. You must bring whatever you need to clean equipment before use. The use of soap or biodegradable disinfectant is recommended.
  • What equipment should I bring for my day fishing activity?
    • Bring your own personal flotation device (PFD). Have disinfecting material on hand to clean your watercraft, paddles, and any other related equipment before use. So you don't forget anything, you can print a check list (in French only) which will be useful when you gather your equipment.
  • Where can I find the map to learn where my lake is located?
  • When can I get advice from your experts about my day fishing lake?
    • Our website is chock full of information to fully prepare you for your day fishing activity. Consult, among other things, the Fishing tips section. To properly use your equipment and review your knowledge, you can consult L’ABC de la pêche (ABC of fishing) document available for downloading. You can also visit the information tab of the fishing destination you’ll visit to learn more about the fishing offer and its special features.

Activities in national parks

  • How do I obtain my daily access right?
    • You must purchase it online within 30 days before the day visit or when purchasing a stay. Make sure the park is open at the time you want to go there before you buy. See the services offered per establishment. It is important to note that the right of access has a validity date. If you have an Annual Québec National Parks Card, you do not need to register online. Both the daily access and the annual card must always be kept with you, as a park warden may ask to see them.
  • Why is there a daily limit on the number of people allowed in national parks?
    • In order to comply with social distancing directives and avoid gatherings, and thus ensure the safety of customers and employees alike, Sépaq must limit the number of visitors who can access a given territory in a single day. It is now possible to purchase your daily access for a national park online up to 30 days in advance. This guarantees access to the territory so you can plan your outing. N.B. The right of access to a park cannot be modified or refunded, even in case of bad weather on the day of the visit.

Aquarium du Québec membership

  • I have an Aquarium du Québec membership. Will I be entitled to compensation if I can no longer access this establishment?
    • Yes, you’ll be entitled to compensation, regardless of the type of membership you hold. The validity of your membership will be extended for a period equivalent to the number of months that Aquarium du Québec will have been closed while your membership was valid. Holders of an Aquarium du Québec membership will be contacted by email or telephone to advise them of this compensatory measure. You must keep proof of your membership in order to present it at your next visit to the Aquarium.
  • Is it still possible to purchase an Aquarium du Québec membership?
    • No, it is not. The sale of annual passes is temporarily suspended. You will be able to purchase your pass on our website or on site as soon as the Aquarium du Québec reopens.

You have questions?

Please note that it’s still possible to contact one of our customer service advisors by phone or email.

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