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Random Draws

tas_orignal_f_open.png Adult Female Moose Licences
Tas Photo Chasse

Entry Deadline: June 11, 2014
Fee: $8.00 (including taxes) per registration code

One entry per code per participant
Hunter's certificate is mandatory.

The 2012-2019 Moose Management Plan in accordance with current regulations, authorizes the issuing of Adult Female Moose Licences specific to wildlife reserves and other managed territories.

A licence identified to a wildlife reserve or a Zec must be used in the territory for which it is delivered. This licence is not valid for the entire hunting zone. Adult Female Moose Licences for zone 1 may not be used in a wildlife reserve, but may be used in a Zec located in this zone, except the Zec Casault.

If you choose more than one entry code and would like to indicate an order of preference, please check off your choices in the order preferred. A number will show the rank that you have attributed to your forms. When you have made all of your choices, click on Submit to complete your registration and make your payment.

Wildlife reserves:
There is no point in applying for an Adult Female Moose Special Licence in a wildlife reserve unless you are part of a hunting stay for the same reserve.

Wildlife Reserves Entry Code
Estimated number of licences: 68
Estimated number of licences: 25
Estimated number of licences: 35
Estimated number of licences: 24
Estimated number of licences: 14

Ashuapmushuan, La Vérendrye and Port-Daniel: For these wildlife reserves, you do not need to register for this random draw. An Adult Female Moose Special Licence will be allocated to each group. A draw will be made on site to designate the holder of the licence for each group.

Port-Cartier–Sept-Îles and Rimouski: Hunters will be able to harvest a male, a female or a calf depending on what they choose.

Zone 01* Entry Code
Estimated number of licences: 3 038
Estimated number of licences: 337

* Zone 1 licences will not be valid in Zec Casault in 2013 since licences will be allocated for this Zec.
** A recently certified hunter is a person who has followed and succeeded his first course in the use of firearms (code A, B or F) during the calendar year preceding that of the random draw - from January 1st to December 31, 2013.

Controlled harvesting zone (Zecs) Entry Code
Estimated number of licences: 56
Estimated number of licences: 170
Estimated number of licences: 55
Estimated number of licences: 20
Estimated number of licences: 32
Estimated number of licences: 30
Estimated number of licences: 90

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