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A Word From The President

Raymond Desjardins

Welcome to the Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (Sépaq) Web site, an amazing online experience. You'll be sure to discover some fascinating places! Whether you're a fan of nature and wide open spaces, outdoor activities, hunting and fishing, history and treasures buried in stone, distinctive dining and great hotels in unique settings, come and experience unforgettable getaways in any of our 49 establishments grouped together in 3 networks. Magnificent discoveries await you in over 80,000 km2 of Sépaq-managed natural territories.

Fall in love with nature as our Web site takes you travelling with words and images! We're looking forward to welcoming you very soon!

Raymond Desjardins
President and CEO

Our Mission

Sépaq’s mandate is to manage and develop public territories and the tourism facilities entrusted to it by virtue of its incorporating Act. Its mission is to make sure its establishments are accessible to the public, and to develop and protect these public facilities for the benefit of its clientele, the regions of Québec, and future generations.

This mission is combined with an active commitment to contribute to the regions in which the establishments are located, through promoting economic development and encouraging partnerships, particularly with private businesses that offer activities and services.

Our Networks

Parcs Québec

Parcs Québec works to ensure the durability of its territories, witnesses to great ecosystems. Québec’s parks are therefore organized to promote discovery while respecting sensitive zones and keeping environmental impacts to a minimum.

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Wildlife Reserves

The wildlife reserves are dedicated to the development and use of wildlife according to the principle of integrated resource management in a sustainable development context. They also offer many outdoor activities providing visitors direct contact with nature.

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Tourist Resorts

Each tourist resort has unique. Whether you’re looking for a dream vacation in a cozy atmosphere, an unparalleled gourmet experience or a visit to a fascinating historical site, our resorts will meet your expectations.

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