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Domestic Animals

Reservation (Terms and Conditions) and Regulations

A Wealth of Wildlife, Birds, and Aquatic Creatures

The natural setting in national parks, wildlife reserves and tourist resorts lends itself to chance encounters with wildlife. Don't be surprised if you come across a hare, spot a loon or catch a glimpse of a deer or fox. At some locations, special facilities and equipment make it easier to observe the animals. Wildlife discovery activities are also offered.


  • The national parks charge an entry fee.
  • You may also be required to purchase a day pass and/or pay parking fees.

Where you can do this activity



There is a difference between the services and experiences offered in a national park, a wildlife reserve and a tourist resort. Find out more by visiting our establishments' Web pages!


  • You may have to drive on gravel roads.
  • Certain sites may be far from amenities, such as supermarkets and gas stations.

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